Solo Exhibition – Behaviour of Colour ART23, Guangzhou, P.R. China
I am proud to present The Behaviour of Colour, my first solo exhibition in Guangzhou, P.R. China which will be on view at ART23 Contemporary Art Gallery from the 3rd of March until the 9th of June. With the Behaviour of Colour I further my investigation into colour, revealing the behaviour of pigments and oil paints. Pushing my artstic practice further I have started to work with colours who carry a great vibrancy and developed lighter works touching onto pastel tones. The larger scale of the artworks confront and enwrap the viewer, whose eye is led into the faraway distance. ART23 is a young gallery and artspace in one of the old neighbourhoods in Guangzhou. Hidden between the 1920’s architecture ART23 shows a program of contemporary and international art, organises artists talks, functions as a cultural hub and is developing its own residency program.
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Behaviour of Colours Exhibition Text

In this exhibition, we will discover how colours behave when interacting with each other. Dutch artist Donald Schenkel creates lucid oil paintings that present us with an innovative visual experience, one that will inspire feelings of peace and tranquillity. By immersing yourself in the space created by the colour gradients and texture of the paint, his work will lead your eye into the faraway distance.

Donald uses the transitions between different colours as a tool to uncover the characteristics of the oil paint, such as translucency and viscosity. Each combination of colours behaves differently – some blend easily while others resist; darker colours feel like they are receding into the distance, while lighter colours feel as if they are moving towards us. By skillfully manipulating these behaviours, Donald’s paintings express their own unique moods, depths and spaces.

While his previous works explored the transitions between strongly contrasting colours, his new paintings experiment with the possibilities of lighter colours. This newest series captures a warmth and subtlety that guides the viewer toward awide range of emotions.

ART23 is proud to present Donald Schenkel’s first solo oil painting exhibition in Guangzhou. His transformative artworks are a perfect fit with our mission to motivate contemporary art. We will continually serve as a laboratory for young artists to explore the dialogue between their work, time and space. We value the interaction between our artists and the public, and champion bold exploration and experimentation within the thriving cultural industry in China and beyond.



ART23荣幸推出荷兰新锐艺术家Donald Schenkel在广州的首个油画展览。在这次展览中,观众可以窥见艺术家对于「色」的实践与理解。观众在其油画作品中,可以看到艺术家用特殊技法创造的细微渐变,在亮光中一览无遗,在昏影里深藏不露,随之进入更深更远的境界。