Duo Exhibition – Elusive Thought
I’m proud to present my show Elusive Thought at Root Gallery (NL), a duo exhibition with Quinda Verheul running from the 29th of October 2020 until the 2nd of January 2021.
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Elusive Thought Duo Show Donald Schenkel and Quinda Verheul

Root Gallery is delighted to present the duo exhibition Elusive Thought with artists Quinda Verheul & Donald Schenkel, opening on the 29th of October. 

The ever changing developments of today demand a constant reflection on ourselves and the world around us. Donald and Quinda both play with this element of reflection in unique ways, taking different approaches in their artworks. For Donald, reflection is embodied in, or inherent to the material work itself, while Quinda explores the possibility to reflect and transform as a viewer, as a participant within the installation. Their pieces contain earthly elements and contrasting colours while exploring the relationship between the material work and its surroundings which results in an interesting dynamic between what seems and what is. 

Left to right: Donald Schenkel, Green Haze (Triptych), 2020, oil paint on linen, 180 x 180, 180 x 120, 180 x 85 cm.
Quinda Verheul, Imbibe I, 2019, black mirror, Parnon red marble.
Donald Schenkel, Cobalt Light I, 2020, oil on linen, 84 x 50 cm
Quinda Verheul, Imbibe II, 2019, 110 x 70 x 20 cm, black mirror, Serpentine Verdite
Exhibition view Elusive Thought
Left to right: Quinda Verheul, Mumble I + II, 2020.
Donald Schenkel, Purple and Orange (Screen), 2020, Oil on mirror, 120 x 80 cm
Left to right: Quinda Verheul, Mumble I + II, 2020.
Donald Schenkel, Purple and Orange (Screen), 2020, Oil on mirror, 120 x 80 cm
Close up of Purple and Orange (Screen), 2020, Oil on mirror, 120 x 80 cm
Exhibition view Elusive Thought
Quinda Verheul, The Monist II, 2019, 62 x 32 x 9 cm, 2019, Gold coloured mirror, Serpentine Opal

Quinda derives her inspiration from big scientific topics like the erosion of the earth and natural forces like wind, water and sunlight. But also by the practice of mining, where people dig for treasure and ruin entire landscapes, shining light on the effects that consumerism has on nature. The world is in constant flux and Quinda explores the ways in which humans alter this process. This is evident in her use of raw, earthly materials like sand and natural stone. By combining this with mirrors she allows the viewer to become part of the artwork showing both the human perspective as well as the experience of emptiness and reflection. The resulting unusual landscapes offer some kind of recognition, but can also be part of an entirely different world. Her work is usually site specific and temporary, an aspect which also questions the value of temporary work and the extent to which physical presence of said piece is still necessary.  

Left to right: Donald Schenkel, Yellow Light No.1, 2020, Oil on paper on Dibond, 105 x 60 cm
Quinda Verheul, Mumble I, 2020 + The Monist I, 2019. Donald Schenkel, New Orange No.10 (“Mauve Wave”), 2019, Oil on paper on Dibond, 55 x 45 cm.
Elusive Thought Duo Show Donald Schenkel and Quinda Verheul 09
Left to right: Donald Schenkel, Yellow Haze (“Orange Wave”) Single, 2020, Oil linen, 100 x 70 cm.
Quinda Verheul, Caldera I, 2020, Contrete, mirror.
Donald Schenkel, Green Light, 2020, Oil on linen, 120 x 60 cm.

Donald is fascinated by the possibilities of oil paint in connection to its materiality. He creates subtle colour gradients, seeking for smoothness in his compositions. Approaching oil paints as material instead of a means to create an image, led to a focus on the qualities of paints and the behavior of colors. Over the years, his works have become more complex through his experimentation with contrasting colours and materials like glass, aluminium and canvas. Through this, the colour gradients have the ability to act as an immersive illusion. Light colors can seem to dissolve into the depths of the darker gradient, while knowing it is the blend of colours that give this effect. The perception of reality and the interpretation of the painting is altered by the material aspects of the object itself, something that continues to be a source of inspiration for his work. 

Exhibition View Elusive Thought

Please be aware that 1.5 meter distance is requested at all times. We are pleased to welcome you to the gallery.