Duo Exhibition – Beyond and Below
I am proud to announce my first show at the new gallery space of Assembled by Root: Beyond and Below, a duo exhibition by Saïd Kinos and myself. Here we question how to deal with the constant flow of information, images and applications seeking for our attention.
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In the artworks of Saïd Kinos and myself we can find different answers, different ways to deal with overstimulation. As the digital realm is getting entwined with the physical world both artists search for material answers that will let us pause.

In the art of Kinos we find the overdrive, in which the multitude is taken up and reworked into a visual grid of typography, colours and found objects. As if the constant flow of information that is coming at us has stumbled upon the waste that once inspired Dada. In his newest series, the multitude is brought to a gentle grey calm, juxtaposing the eternal visual static the works are made of.

The works of Schenkel let us pause in a different sense. Can we take solitude in shadows and colours as they subtly change and fade into one another? By taking up the single visual element of the gradient and expanding it into its own visual language, we’re presented with a powerful antidote to the flux of images. We’re asked to take time and to lose ourselves into the depth of colour.