I'm thrilled to present my largest installation to date at the KunstRAI art fair in Amsterdam with Root Gallery. You can also find a new series of my works of art at Root Gallery, Booth no. 6.

Open 27 March until 1 April 2024


Donald Schenkel (1991) creates subtle gradients with oil paints. He seeks for smoothness in color transitions that can lead the eye into the faraway.

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On view until 28th April 2024 at the WTC Rotterdam Art Gallery. I am honoured to be part of a group show together with Ditty Ketting and Theo Rooden. The exhibition revolves around colour and how colours interact. For this show I made a brand new Triptych that plays with our perception of infinity.

This installation piece is a monumental work of four oil paintings on linen that appears to hover on top of a sea of 1500 kg shards of glass that are individually painted to reflect the principle of the gradients. Polylith with Monolith refers to many and one, the many rocks underneath the singular shape. In this installation Donald Schenkel strived to bring all different aspects of this artistic practice together, as colours dazzle, materials intrigue and the installation interacts with the space of Root Gallery for which it was developed.

Big Art 2020
Thursday October 1st until Sunday, October 4th
Hembrugterrein, Projectfabriek, Middenweg 63 Zaanstad
open: daily 11 am – 7 pm
entrance: €12,50 – free for children under 12
[email protected]

Opening the 24th of January 2019
Gortemaker Algra Feenstra
Rotterdam, the Netherlands