I am thrilled to announce that this September several new gradients and artworks will be presented at my solo-exhibition The faraway comes near. Opening the 8th of September from 19:00 to 22:00 at Assembled by Root, Zaagmolendrift 12, Rotterdam.

The exhibition The faraway comes near presents the artwork of Donald Schenkel. With oil paints Schenkel creates color transitions that make subtle gradients. What is sought after is a smoothness in the color that can lead the eye into the faraway.

The use of different shades of blue forms the starting point for the work exhibited in The faraway comes near, resulting in new gradients with subtle differences. Parallel to the creation of gradients, the artist constantly explores new forms of presenting the gradients. This way of working made the color gradients find their way onto sculptural objects and on materials such as glass, paper, wood and canvas.


Donald Schenkel is a young artist living and working in Rotterdam. The artworks of Donald Schenkel deal with the experience of depth in color. In his current creative investigations his focus lies on the relation between the gradient, the artwork as object and physical space.

The artist is represented by Assembled by Root, a new start-up and gallery in Rotterdam at the Zaagmolendrift No.12. Opened every week from wednesday till saturday. You can follow Root on Facebook and Instagram, or contact Root to stay tuned for next exhibitions and updates on the works.

Artworks on view at:
Assembled by Root
Inconcept store

Recent exhibitions:
No walls expo, at North Sea Jazz 2016
Route du Nord 2016
In this moment (18.03 – 30.04.2016)
Object 2016



Photography by Kris Mangroo, unedited, rescaled for web


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