In my work I create subtle gradients with oil paints, seeking for smoothness in colour transitions that lead the eye into the faraway. Sometimes these colours flash purely from the canvas, at other times they are diluted into darkening twilights.

Now on view

Group Exhibition
The Assemblage

I am happy to announce that some of my newest sculptures are presented at The Assemblage, a group exhibition at Assembled by Root showing work of all eight artist represented by the gallery. Last March the gallery made a leap forward by opening up at their new space. After some great exhibitions it is time for an overview. The series of sculptures I present is a next step in my use of transparent materials like glass and perspex. These cube shaped gradients seem to contain the colour that is held inside. A grayish blue, a deep green and naples yellow lead to this new series of gentle and bright colour transitions.

At Gallery Assembled by Root,
Zwaanshals 410, Rotterdam.

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