Upcoming Exhibitions:

Duo Exhibition at Assembled by Root

Opening 14th of October 15.30 – 18.30

I am proud to announce my newest exhibition at Assembled by Root, a duo exhibition with artist Jochem Esser, opening Saturday the 14th of October from 15.30 until 18.30 at the Zaagmolendrift 12, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 

The evanescent experiences of sound and light are transformed into objects, dealt with as objects, and made experienceable as objects.

Jochem Esser’s art deals with our relation to technology by reengineering the things we take for granted, such as ever present interfaces or digital sounds. As one of the fundamental aspects of our human condition, technology and the way we relate to it needs to be constantly questioned, thought about and experimented with. In his assemblages Jochem Esser reworked speakers and other disassembled pieces of consumer technology to let us experience sound as objects.

Donald Schenkel’s art revolves around the elusive as brought about by the colors of oil paints. During an age of speed and constant impulses, the quest for a pleasant visual dislocation might be a very necessary antidote. In the current series of works translucency and lightness are leading the way to explore a new range of possibilities with oil paint. This all happens at that point where the accent on matter shifts to that on the mind.




Donald Schenkel is a young artist living and working in Rotterdam. The artworks of Donald Schenkel deal with the experience of depth in color. In his current creative investigations his focus lies on the relation between the gradient, the artwork as object and physical space.

The artist is represented by Assembled by Root, a new start-up and gallery in Rotterdam at the Zaagmolendrift No.12. Opened every week from wednesday till saturday. You can follow Root on Facebook and Instagram, or contact Root to stay tuned for next exhibitions and updates on the works.


Untitled (glass #001), 2016, Oil paint on glass, 55 x 55 cm, framed (aluminium)
Untitled (glass #002), 2016, Oil paint on glass, 55 x 55 cm, framed (aluminium)
Photography by Kris Mangroo, unedited, rescaled for web







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